100 Years 100 Movies: Awards

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I want to take a quick break from my classic movie reviews to look back on the first 10 films I have covered. Hollywood has never been shy about awards, so I thought it appropriate to hand out a few myself. Don't be daunted by the surplus of clips—only one runs more than a minute.

Most Attention-Grabbing Opener
Sunset Boulevard

When a movie begins with a corpse floating in a pool, rest assured things aren't going to go very smoothly in the ensuing flashback.

Best Spontaneous Body Contortion
Donald O'Connor, Singin' In The Rain

Woofiest Leading Lady
(TIE) Barbara Stanwyck, Double Indemnity, Dustin Hoffman, Tootsie

Double woof.

Worst Hippopotamus Impression
Humphrey Bogart, The African Queen

Most Creative Use of a Tennis Racket
Jack Lemmon, The Apartment

(As a spaghetti strainer.)

Best Inquiry About Beans
Walter Huston, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Least Sympathetic Character
Vivien Leigh, A Streetcar Named Desire

The original drama queen.

Most Shocking Moment
Corrupt "Taylor Machine" thugs menacing a group of boy rangers, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Most Likely to Join Our Movie Collection
Some Like It Hot


Krissy said...

I voted for "Woofiest Leading Lady" because they sure are woofy!

Dave said...

Well said, Kristen. As for me, the clip of the boy rangers from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington cracks me up every time. What were they doing driving a car in the first place?

Boy, it looks my idea of turning this into a poll at the last minute in an effort to generate more reader interest really crashed and burned. It was worth a shot.

Krissy said...

Quite the blunder, Dave.

I would like to add that I had a hard time choosing between the woofy ladies and the hippo impression. I will never be able to respect Humphrey Bogart since seeing that.

Jessica said...

ok LOVE Donald O'Conner in Singing in the Rain. Make Em laugh has to be one of the greatest musical dance scenes of its time!