Wanted: Freelance Clients

For those who haven't heard, my employer, Salt City Candle, recently announced that due to slowing sales in the poor economy, they are cutting everyone's full-time hours from 40 to 32. This change has been put in place "until further notice"—basically until things start to pick up again. While this kinda stinks, I am grateful that I at least still have a job, which is more than a lot of people can say right now. But in the meantime, Kristen and I are looking for ways to make up for this lost income.

Kristen has recently started doing some part time work for our brother-in-law, Chris. As for me, I have decided to start actively seeking out freelance work. If you happen to know of anyone that needs any graphic design work done, the referral would be greatly appreciated. Although I am still making little updates here and there, my new portfolio website is up and running at www.davebartondesign.com.


Ben said...

That sucks about your hours. Nice portfolio.

Dave said...

Hey, thanks for the completely unsolicited comment!