Ten Things...

...I Never Thought I'd Hear Myself Say

10. "I'm totally geeking out!"

Over the past several years, I have come to grips with my nerdiness. I admit that I used to frequent the Lost message boards while I was "working" at the U, and even made a couple of posts. So yes... I am a Lost nerd. I'm not usually the type of person who can figure out what is going to happen halfway through the show, but it occasionally happens with Lost. However, the episode two weeks ago totally blew my mind. (Spoiler Alert!) Young Charles Widmore on the island? WHAT?! I'm still geeking out about that one.

9. "I think I'll go to step aerobics at 5:45 AM."

My friend Kristina encouraged me to start going to some of the fitness classes at our community center. So I bought a pass, but it's only good for 30 days. I figured out that I need to attend at least 6 times for it to be worth what it cost. I went to step aerobics at 5:45 AM a couple of Fridays ago... and plan to go again. Of course, I still don't think that anyone should have to be awake at that time of day. And it seems like torture to have to aerobacise to a loud techno mix that early. But, it works.

8. "I watched the Christmas Bondathon all day while you were at work."

You all know that I enjoy Daniel Craig as James Bond, but it wasn't until recently that I finally gave some of the other 007 movies a chance. I started reading some of the novels (more details to come in a future post), so I felt compelled to watch the movies. Lucky for me there was a Christmas Bondathon on Spike the week of Christmas, featuring three different James Bond flicks per day. Let's just say I am not a fan of Roger Moore.

7. "You've got boogs on your face!"

I never thought I'd be one of those mommies that let their kids run around with boogers all over their face. I will admit that I might have even been a little judgmental in that regard. But, experience has changed my mind. I now realize that it is the mommies whose kids never have boogers on their faces that are the freaks! I have learned to choose my battles, and wiping an angry baby's sore nose every five minutes is a battle that I am willing to concede. So boogers are okay with me... to a point.

6. "My attention span is too short for this book."

I was always a good reader. I was the kind of kid who would sneakily turn my light back on when I was supposed to be in bed, just so I could keep reading my book. But ever since I was pregnant, I have a really short attention span. I have a really hard time sitting down and reading a book -- especially a slow-moving one. I plan to read all of Charles Dickens' novels in the next 5 years or so, and recently attempted Little Dorrit. I checked it out of the library and trudged through it... and kept renewing it until the library said I couldn't renew it anymore. So, I gave it up. But I will read it someday. I just need to do some brain exercises first.

5. "Yummy prunes!"

No, I don't really think prunes are yummy... but I am willing to say they are to encourage my child to eat them. I have big hopes that Eddie will like healthier food than his parents do. So, until he knows better, I will cheer for prunes.

4. "Daah-baaah!"

One day, I walked around Kmart saying "daah-baaah" to Eddie... just to make him laugh. Of course, it's not like there were that many people around to think I was crazy... after all, it was Kmart.

3. "Go ahead and throw up on me if you need to."

Ah, the joys of motherhood. It is amazing what kinds of disgusting things you can withstand when it's your responsibility to do so. I recently decided that I can be thrown up on and it's a lot easier to clean up than if that same throw-up was to end up all over the carpet or the bed. So yes, Eddie can throw up on me if he needs to. That is what Spray 'N Wash is for, right?

2. "Jorge is the glue that holds the Yankees together."

Before I met Dave, Major League Baseball was just another professional sport that I didn't care to watch. While I still don't care to watch other professional sports, I decided to give in on MLB -- for the sake of our marriage. Now I try to learn more about the Yankees, sometimes to surprise Dave with my immense knowledge of everything, and other times just so I can understand what is going on when we watch the games. I am bugged by a lot of the players (not just on the Yankees) and make fun of them if they're too ugly (Randy Johnson), too greasy (Jason Giambi), or too ape-like (Bobby Abreu). However, I have come to the decision that Jorge Posada is my favorite Yankee and when he was injured last season, it was a rough time for me and the team.

1. "I'll have to link that SportsCenter commercial with Jorge in my post."

This commercial cracked me up, and I am not usually cracked up by things I see on ESPN, so it was quite the monumental occasion. Enjoy!


The Cranney Family said...

Oh WOW! I have to admit, LOST is getting super crazy. I also freaked out with the young Charles Whitmore thing. And then last week with young pregnant Danielle. Oh my goodness, what is next. Well, I hope your doing well. We still have to get together. I bet your little guy is getting quite big. They grow up too fast.

Team Ritz! said...

You are such a good wife! When Steve and I started dating, I made up my mind to be more open to baseball (and the plethora of other sports Steve can't live without). But I have to admit, all I've learned in the last 3 years is this: the "CC" in CC Sabathia really stands for "Captain Cheeseburger", and the only way I can watch baseball is on the shows about baseball after the game (because they cut out the boring stuff that wastes my time).

ScottBoomer said...

I never thought you'd accept baseball in your life let alone imbrace it.
Aren't you the one that almost destroyed your marraige on your honeymoon when you told Dave at the yankees game, "If the game goes into extra innnings we're leaving."?
You've come along ways.