One Shall Stand, A Bunch of Others Shall Fall

Yes, Transformers dominated this poll. But rather than going with my standard poll result format, I have decided to take this opportunity to wax nostalgic about what merchandise we had from each show. By the way, thanks for bearing with me while I relive my childhood.

1. Transformers - 8 votes
As I stated in the comments, we mostly had GoBots. I had the Gobot Command Center and my brother Rob had the Renegade Base, which, I kid you not, was named "Thruster." Anyway, I only remember ever getting one Transformer toy, and it broke the first time I tried to transform it, so it got returned. My only other bonafide Transformers merchandise was an Optimus Prime sand castle kit for trips to the beach.

2. ThunderCats - 4 votes
The only bit of ThunderCats merchandise I ever had was a metal lunchbox. I actually still have it. I dug through our closet to find it just so I could take this photo. ThunderCats, Hoooooo!

3. (TIE) He-Man & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 3 votes
We didn't have any toys from either of these shows. We had to settle for playing with them at friends' houses. If I remember correctly, which I probably am not, the Castle Grayskull playset was awesome.

4. G.I. Joe - 2 votes
Rob and I had countless G.I. Joe action figures. We even got pretty good taking the little screw out of their backs and swapping body parts. We also had several vehicles, including H.A.V.O.C., the Cobra Mamba, and Sgt. Slaughter's Triple T. For those that take the time to follow those links and watch those vintage commercials, isn't it great how every vehicle has its own theme song?

5. (TIE) Scooby Doo & Voltron - 1 vote
We didn't have any toys from our two write-in shows either, but we did have a Voltron Activity book with various puzzles and games. Boh-ring!

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