Money Saving Tip of the Day

Always Buy Lunch Meat from the Walmart Deli

Kristen and I haven't regularly shopped at our local Walmart SuperCenter since we were poor newlyweds, but since we are currently looking for ways to save money, we begrudgingly did our grocery shopping there last week.

So what makes the Walmart Deli so special? It's not the fabled everyday low prices. The secret is to always order 1/3 of a pound of whatever meat you want. The deli worker, who likely hasn't gotten far enough in school to learn how fractions work, will get confused and think you meant 3/4 of a pound. Once they have piled enough meat on the scale for it to read 0.75, that is when you stop them and say, "No, no, no, I said 1/3 of a pound! 0.33!"

Flustered, they will then pull several slices off until the scale reads correctly. Since they have no other use for this extra meat, they will add it back to your order after they print out the sticker priced at the lower weight. Now you are getting more than twice as much for your money!


Ben said...

So wait, does this happen every time? Or just once? And if you think we aren't going to try this the next time we go shopping, then you're crazy.

Dave said...

This has worked for us on at least 3 separate occasions, I kid you not.

Hali said...

AWESOME!!!! The wonder that is the walmart employees. No matter how many times I purposely seperate my items for them when I check out, they always combine whatever they want. I mean since when do yogurts and canned goods go together?

Christie said...

I had a similar confused butcher at Harmons when I asked for 3/4 of a pound of sausage. I don't think I ended up with any extra sausage though..