Christmas Eve on Temple Square

Kristen's parents came up from Cedar City to spend Christmas with us this year. They wanted to go see the lights on Temple Square, and would only be in town for a few days, so we decided to go on Christmas Eve. We were a little worried that it would be super crowded, but we got there early (just after the sun went down), and were pleasantly surprised at how manageable the crowds were. Here are some photos.

Once we got home, we put the finishing touches on a festive holiday buffet featuring Spicy Chicken & Cilantro Wontons, Lettuce Wraps, Seven Layer Bean Dip, and other miscellaneous goodies. After we stuffed ourselves silly and got Eddie put to bed, we started watching Elf, but everyone was falling asleep so we decided to call it a night.


Christie said...

Looks like Eddie is enjoying himself.

We've been talking about middle names for the baby and Joshua's latest suggestion is Kyle Eddie Dickson. Nice ring?

Dave said...

I'm sure Eddie would be honored.