Ten Things...

...I Have Learned From '80s Movies

We had something of an unofficial '80s movies marathon this past weekend. We saw all or parts of Better Off Dead, Can't Buy Me Love, Footloose, The Princess Bride, and Stand By Me on TV. So naturally, a blog post came out of it. Here goes:

10. It's okay to have a questionable relationship with an eccentric inventor. Having a questionable relationship with your mom? Not so much. (Back to the Future)

9. Before he was the heartthrob of Grey's Anatomy and a slew of chick flicks, Patrick Dempsey was hopelessly nerdy. (Can't Buy Me Love)

8. Nothing dates a movie quite like a claymation hamburger singing Van Halen's "Everybody Wants Some." Well, except maybe encorporating "advanced" computer technology as a plot device in the '90s. (Better Off Dead)

7. Castor oil, raw eggs, and blueberry pie don't mix. (Stand By Me)

6. There is no better way to exude intimidation in the locker room than snapping your teeth at another guy. Wait, did I say intimidation? What I meant was homoeroticism. (Top Gun)

5. Andre the Giant should be subtitled at all times. (The Princess Bride)

4. Spectators will turn out in droves for an All Valley Karate Tournament, because honestly, what else is there to do in California on a Saturday? (The Karate Kid)

3. Some people should be allowed to remain 17 forever. People like Matthew Broderick, John Cusack, and Michael J. Fox.

2. The best way to let off some steam is to find an empty warehouse and just dance. (Footloose)

1. The next best way is to have Arnold Schwarzenegger hurl a giant pipe through your torso. (Commando)


robmba said...

Never, *ever*, eat after midnight (Gremlins).

Cheryl said...

Those are all great 80's flicks, I can think of many great lines from many of those.
You're dangerous-Top Gun
Put him in a body bag-Karate Kid
Sweep the leg... I could go on and on.

Christie said...

"If I'm going up against the town council, you are going to learn to dance!"

Oh how I love Footloose. Its been way too long.

Team Ritz! said...

I can't believe Steve Guttenberg didn't get any mention. Do you think he'll make a cameo in Short Circuit Returns...I mean Wall E? I was watching tv tonight & noticed that a Bruce Campbell movie was coming on & decided that Lulu's mommy & I need to invite you guys over to watch Army of Darkness.

Dave said...

Surely there are enough 80's movies left for an eventual part 2, where we can show Steve Guttenberg the proper respect.