The Many Faces of Ed

In addition to getting rolls in some really weird places, Eddie has started to become more generous with his smiles over the past week or two. It took some cajoling, but we managed to capture a few grins on camera.

Here are a some of the other faces we have come to know and love over the past seven weeks:

The Deep Thinker Face

The "What's That Smell?" Face

The "I Know I'm Cute" Face

The Yawn Face

The "I Think Mommy Drugged Me So She Could Take A Shower" Face

The Out Cold Face

The About to Explode Face

The Dr. Evil Face

The Content Face

The "No More Photos, Please" Face


Cheryl said...

Those are awesome, I love them all. I can't believe how fast he is growing up.

Ben said...

It's so great that your son is already eeeeevil. You are going to need someone to take over the family business someday of taking over the world.

It's a Boy!!! said...

I LOVE your captions to his little faces...I found your page through Debbie. Congrats on the CUTE baby!