"I'm Batman."

1. Michael Keaton - 9 votes
Keaton batdanced his way to victory on the strength of the nostalgia vote, which is more powerful than a well-honed set of abs. In honor of his narrow triumph, I pulled out some vintage sketchwork dated '93. Keaton is also the winner of the "most times sketched by me as an adololescent" award.

2. Christian Bale - 8 votes
Even though history will likely see Bale vindicated as the best bat on the block, he simply hasn't been around long enough overcome the sentimentality held for Keaton. Some day Cowboy, your dreams will come true, in Santa Fe....

3. Adam West - 3 votes
Thanks to a few "Jokers" out there, West earned an unlikely third place finish. Now he gets yet another chance to remember how playing Batman pretty much ruined the rest of his career. Holy typecasting, Batman!

4. Val Kilmer - 2 votes
Maybe if this poll had been "favorite teeth snaps of the '80s", Val would have had a better showing. At least he managed a pair of votes, which is considerably better than...

5. George Clooney - 0 votes
I guess 11 years hasn't been quite long enough to make us forget the travesty that was Batman & Robin. Sorry George, you got your ice kicked.

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Christie said...

love the vintage artwork..