Happy Birthday, Dave!

For those who don't know, Dave turns 28 today. Since we have a rule of not posting anything TOO sentimental on our blog, all I will say to Dave is this: you're not as old and moldy as I like to make you think you are and I'm sorry I am the cause of your gray hair. I didn't mean to do it.

And now, in honor of Dave's birthday, here's a post about Dave's favorite person... ME!

Ten Things...

...I want to do before I'm 30

As Dave inches ever closer to that frighteningly serious age of 30, I have begun contemplating how much longer it will be before I reach such a milestone. I'm not particularly ambitious, but I thought I've got enough time that I ought to set some goals of what I'd like to accomplish by November 24, 2014.

Feel free to submit any additional suggestions in the comments. I'll try to fit as much into those 6.5 years as I can.

10. Part ways with our '94 Honda Accord (it can be yours for $3000 -- price subject to negotiation).

9. Finish Dave's mission scrapbook.

8. Move into a larger house to make room for the results of #2 (I know, the suspense is probably killing you).

7. See church history sites.

6. Get in good enough shape to actually RUN a 5k.

5. Read the 8 remaining Charles Dickens novels that I have not read (here's looking at you Martin Chuzzlewit).

4. Fit into those size 8 jeans in the bottom of my dresser drawer.

3. Own a real piano and re-learn how to play it.

2. Work up the courage to have one or two more kids (and then work up the courage to purchase a mini-van).

1. Have something I've written published (hopefully for money).


Christie said...

Happy Birthday Vid. Hope 28 is spectacular.

And thanks to Kristen for not getting too sentimental.

Ben said...

"Think of where life's journey begins and ends, and say to yourself, 'I had such a friend.'"

Happy Birthday buddy.

(Bonus points for naming the reference)

ScottBoomer said...

Happy Birthday Dave, and good luck with your list Kristen.
I just want my wife to make it to 30.

mccallpark said...

Hey Krissy it's McCall... you know Natalie's sister! I ran into your page and thought I should tell you how stinkin' cute little eddie is! He is getting so stinking Big!

Team Ritz! said...

Happy late b-day, Dave! (We were on vacation, that's why we're late this time.) I LOVE that picture of Eddie, and Kristen, you crack me up!