He Came From Outer Space!

Here we have Eddie's birth announcement (just in case you didn't know about him yet). We started out with a simple, classy announcement in mind (not unlike the one we did for his blessing day), but the space-themed quilt from my Aunt Marilyn that we were posing him on, combined with Independence Day being on TV in the background, led me to come up with the 1950's B-Movie Poster idea. Anyone out there that wants to pretty up their fridge and hasn't gotten a print from us yet, just leave your name and address in the comments and we will send you one.

We started out attempting to get a tasteful body shot of him in the buff (that we could embarrass him with when he is a teen), but gave up after not too long when we couldn't get him to cooperate. I ended up shooting somewhere between 80-100 photos that night and the next morning (when he was in a better mood). With so many funny facial expressions and poses, it was hard to pick just one. Here is a musical slide show of some of our favorites that didn't quite make the cut.



Cheryl said...

That's great.

Christie said...

Joshua has watched the slideshow 3 times.. dancing to Right Said Fred..

ScottBoomer said...

Always a risk leaving a baby naked like that. You never now when you'll end up cleaning urine because of that.

Dave said...

Yeah, that's the real reason why we decided it was best if he was properly diapered once we moved from towels to the nice homemade quilt.