The Name Game

I have to say, it is kind of disappointing that since the U2 polls ended, we are no longer drawing 10+ comments per post. That must mean we need a new poll! This time, you, the loyal readers of the Dave & Kristen Show, get to help us decide what to name our baby. It was difficult, but we have narrowed it down to five choices:

1. Slagathor Gargamel Barton
Imagine the fun we could have with our very own evil genius.

2. Worthington Fitzsimmons Barton, Esquire
Destined to be the protagonist in a period romance.

3. Guy Manley Barton
Maybe we are trying to overcompensate, I don't know.

4. Bumpus Bartholomew Barton
He would be a swarm of killer B's all by himself.

5. Scarc Mott Barton
Scott & Marc, this one's for you.


Christie said...

Has Kristen approved these choices?

Ben said...

I voted for Worthington Fitzimmons Barton, Esquire, if only because Becky and I have been throwing around the idea of Chandler Penbroke Barnes, the Third, for when we have children.

Krissy said...

Oh, I heartily approve. I voted for Guy Manley just because it cracks me up every time I imagine calling Smidgen in from the backyard (in my imaginary future life, we have a backyard). I would, of course, always refer to him by his full name.

Caitlinp said...

I vote Bumpus Bartholomew Barton.

1. Think of the possible nicknames, Bum, Bumpy, Pus, Grumpus Bumpus, Barty, Barf, Thol...
2. Alliteration. Hello.

ScottBoomer said...

Scarc Mott Rules!

Dave said...

Gotta go with Guy Manley. Maybe we could work some antlers into the nursery decor.

Team Ritz said...

I voted for Guy Manly because he would automatically look better in flannel onesies, mini Carharts, and tiny steel toed boots.

robmba said...

I was thinking Bill S. Barton, Esquire (a la Bill S. Preston, Esquire of Bill & Ted fame), but W. F. Barton, Esquire will do fine, I suppose.

Scarlet said...

Worthington Fitzsimmons Barton, Esquire - I find this to be an excellent name.

I of course am naming my first child "En Sabah Nur Evans" it means "the first" it also happens to be the real name of Apocalypse (an X-Men villan)