Toys and Goodies

We spent Christmas Day with Kristen's family in Cedar City. This year was fun because Eddie was able to open a lot of his presents himself. It was still a bit of a challenge to keep him on task ("...only 13 more presents to go!") and not losing him amid the piles of torn wrapping paper and opened boxes.

Our main gift to Eddie was this chair. It was the envy of all his little cousins on both sides of the family. They all took a turn trying it out. So why is Eddie sitting in an empty toy box?

Christmas afternoon we went up Cedar Canyon to go sledding. It was a good idea but we got kind of a late start. The sun was already creeping behind the mountain after only about 45 minutes, so we decided to head back to the house before we froze our baguettes off. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to pull out my camera and capture Eddie's frozen red nose and snot-crusted face. Here's another photo of him opening presents instead.

The next day we packed up our loot and drove back to Salt Lake for the Barton festivities. As always there was an impressive buffet of food and goodies. This time it featured smoked turkey, shrimp, cheese ball, crab wontons, potatoes, homemade rolls, fudge nut bars, and chocolate cheesecake bites to name a few. Diet starts Monday.

Eddie didn't get his Batman ceiling fan, but his Grandma Barton got him the next best thing—a toy Batcopter with a trigger to make the propeller spin. Many thanks to both families for the thoughtful gifts and good company.

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Christie said...

Eddie sitting in the box next to his big nice chair is my fave. That was a nice spread of food, wasn't it? :-)