Christmas Time in the City

This past Saturday night seemed like as good a time as any to head downtown to have dinner and see the lights on Temple Square. We finally made it to local favorite Moochie's on 232 E. 800 S. to try out their Philly Cheesesteaks. Overall we were quite pleased. The steak was very tender and moist, and the onions and peppers were thoroughly flavorful. Our only complaint was that they weren't quite cheesy enough. As such, some bites achieved that perfect fusion of elements that you can only get from a transcendent cheesesteak, while other bites fell a little short of the mark.

Moochie's is rather small with limited seating. When I inquired about a high chair or booster, we were directed to an adjacent dining area out the front door and a short walk to the west. We found ourselves all alone in what looked like the front room of a house. It was filled an impressive array of mismatching tables and chairs that must have been painstakingly gathered over multiple trips to the D.I. (and the side of the road). Hey, it isn't voted one of Salt Lake's "Best Delicious Ruts" for nothing.

When we picked this particular evening to make this excursion, we failed to take into account a Jazz game and MoTab Christmas concert happening the very same night. Needless to say, the traffic and crowds were kinda crazy. After circling around for a while in the delusional hope of snagging the perfect parking space, we settled for a parking garage a few blocks away.

We bundled Eddie up in two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, snow boots, winter coat, knit hat, and mittens. Then it wasn't even that cold. Being able to put your arms down or turn your head is overrated anyway.

As we navigated the vast throng (or should that be thundering hordes?) of people, we did our best to suppress our usual surliness in situations such as this and just enjoy the spirit of our surroundings and of the season.

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Krissy said...

I think that we should get dining room chairs like the ones at Moochie's (spray-painted metal folding chairs). They were classy.