Floor It

As we were getting ready to continue with the next phase of home improvement, we were nearly swayed by a sexy new flat screen TV. However, practicality won out in the end, and we stuck with our original plan of replacing the linoleum in the kitchen with laminate floor.

Goodbye, linoleum.

Kristen's dad and brother did most of the work, but I pitched in where I could (moving appliances and standing around trying to look useful).

Foreman Eddie barks orders through his megaphone.

Other than some minor trim work and touch up painting, we finished things up late Saturday afternoon. We are quite pleased with our choice—now we just have to keep it clean.


Cheryl said...

Looks nice.

Christie said...

I like it.. I'm impressed that you finished a project like that in one weekend. When we start something like that, we're looking at 3 months of chaos around here.

cam-ron said...

beautiful!! I'm jealous we still have our vinyl.

Krissy said...

It's funny that I never really thought the linoleum looked bad... until I saw how much nicer the new floor looks.