Let There Be Light

Since we won't be able to sell our house for what we bought it for until roughly 2017, Kristen and I have been thinking a lot about home improvement lately. On the top of the list is our kitchen.

The default lighting in there wasn't really cutting it, so we headed over to IKEA a few weeks ago to explore options. Eddie nearly blew a fuse pointing at all the lights, but in a way he helped us forgo our usual indecision in matters such as this (it took us two years to pick out a ceiling fan for our bedroom). As he ran around the aisles in a frenzy, we hastily made up our minds and came home with new light fixtures. I even managed to install them myself without anyone getting electrocuted.

Pendant over the kitchen table

Track over the cooking area

The new lights don't make the kitchen any brighter, but now it is better lit, if that makes sense. Next to go is the linoleum floor. We are tentatively planning to install laminate flooring over Thanksgiving weekend.


Ben said...

That first picture looks like a face. Intentional?

Dave said...

If you look really closely, you can see Darth Vader's helmet.

Kristina Carter said...

hey we have the same light above our table.