Ten Things...

...You May Not Know About Kristen

Today Kristen hits the quarter century mark. While she has done some nice blog tributes for me on my birthday, last year I posted a cheese ball recipe on hers. This year I figured I'd better get on the ball (and I don't mean one that's made of cheese). Happy birthday, honey!

10. Instead of blood she has Dr. Pepper coursing through her veins. And instead of marrow in her bones she has thinly sliced salami.

9. She shares her birthday with chick flick queen Katherine Heigl and, um... Donald "Duck" Dunn, bassist for Booker T. and the MG's (sorry, slim pickins).

8. She has an irrational fear of birds. This made the potential trip we were planning to Bodega Bay where The Birds was filmed all the more enticing.

7. She loves to get funky with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

6. She does this great stealth walk that is a cross between an alien and a velociraptor. Ask her to show you some time. She'll never do it, but at least you'll make her blush.

5. She can make the world stop spinning by bugging out her eyes.

4. She was allowed to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street at a neighbor's house when she was 5. Freddy Krueger still freaks her out to this day.

3. She is a creature of comfort, yet she gets restless if she stays in one place for too long. Don't ask me how this makes sense.

2. She likes to modify regular words into her own unique language. Take the days of the week for example. Friday is "Freitertag." Saturday is "Snooterdoodle." Where does she come up with this stuff?

1. She has no patience for stupidity. This was one of the main things that attracted me to her.


Hali said...

Just so you know, I will be asking you to do the stealth walk the next time that I see you. So you better be prepared to perform.

Krissy said...

So embarrassing... maybe I'll do it for you Hali, but not for Marc or Scott. I would never live that down.

ScottBoomer said...

What! Come on, let us see stealth walk.
If you have no tolerance for stupidity how come you continue to let Marc and I into your house?

Christie said...

Happy Birthday! Hope Dave & Eddie are planning something spectacular.