Overall, Daybreak is a very well-planned community, and we have enjoyed living here. We love the distinct style of the houses, the walking trails, and the plethora of parks. What we want to know is who is in charge of picking the playground equipment. Eddie loves to swing, but it has been quite an ordeal finding a nearby park that actually has baby swings.

Exhibit A
Here we have the standard Daybreak-style big toy—uniform colors and fixtures, a slide, lots of climbing options, but no adjacent swing set.

Exhibit B
Essentially a smaller version of Exhibit A, and still no swings. Most community parks have something akin to A or B.

Exhibit C
Perhaps we aren't with "it" when it comes to modern playgrounds, because we had no idea what this thing was upon first glance. Our curiosity got the better of us though, and we just had to test it out. It works by standing on the little platform, grabbing the handlebars, and swinging your legs side to side. What is this trying to simulate? I have no idea.

Exhibit D
This is, by far, the biggest waste of space in the entire community. I was all set to say we have never seen anyone playing on it, but shortly after I took this photo, a pair of kids excitedly ran up and started climbing. However, after about 30 seconds, when they realized there was nothing to climb to, I overheard one of their parents say, "Why don't we go to that other park."

Exhibit E
This lakeside park just opened a few months ago, and much to our relief it actually has two baby swings—the only two in all of Daybreak that we know of. The main drawback is this park is always very crowded (except when our arrival coincides with a thunderstorm as this trip did).

Exhibit F
We just discovered this park last weekend in one of the newer areas still under construction. We thought we had hit the motherload until we realized that not one of the 8 swings were equipped with a baby seat.

Kristen is fired up enough about this issue that she is considering calling the Community Association to demand more baby swings. Because really, the more opportunities we have for photo-ops like this, the better.


robmba said...

Perhaps Exhibit C is an unfinished version of this.

Christie said...

It seems like there's always a shortage of baby swings. One of our favorite parks is Evergreen "the princess park". Its one of those-- they just don't make 'em like they used to. I fear that one day they will update it with something similar to the parks out in Daybreak..

Christie said...

Oh, and I wish you would have included a picture of you demonstrating how exhibit c works :-)

Krissy said...

I would like to report that I actually did call the community association today about this. And I'm hoping my neighbors will, too. The lady said that they are going to be re-doing one of the parks soon and she'll make sure to give them my suggestion. We'll see how that works out.

Anonymous said...

there is a garden community in North shore just east of the model home and there are baby swings there. I have yet to see a single person there. I highly suggest it.