Movies We Grew Up On: Guilty Laughs Edition

Previously: Dated Catchphrase Edition

While subbing in primary this last Sunday it was once again reiterated to me that kids have a lame, lame, lame sense of humor. But Kristen and I were no exception to this when we were youngins. Our next pair of movies serve as the proof.

Dave's Pick: Police Academy 5

We had several of the Police Academy movies recorded off TV, and I even seem to remember catching a few episodes of the short-lived cartoon from the late '80s. But we watched Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach the most by far. Why was this one our favorite? Well, I think maybe because it was the one where Captain Harris hatched a bumbling scheme. And Commandant Lassard acted oblivious. And Jones made some goofy sound effects. And Hooks got mad. And Tackleberry used an outrageous firearm. And... seriously, they made seven of these?

Is It Still Watchable? Not even remotely.
Commandant Lassard: What is the most frustrating thing about police work?
Tackleberry: Not being able to carry hand grenades, sir!
Honorable Mention: Short Circuit

Kristen's Pick: Club Paradise

This is probably my mom's favorite movie—I think because she dreams of living in the islands somewhere. Which islands? "The nice, warm islands." I pretty much have this movie memorized, but I've never run into another person outside my family that has heard of it. In the film, Jack (Robin Williams), a Chicago fireman, decides to retire and move to St. Nicholas, a caribbean island. He ends up becoming a business partner with his friend Mr. Reed, running a hotel. Shortly thereafter, a hotel critic comes to review the hotel. Jack convinces his charming British friend, Sir Anthony Cloyden Hayes, to seduce said critic so she'll give them a good review. Several guests get lost in the jungle, Barry and Barry ("smoked meats") try to score some ganja, and the government of St. Nicholas is overthrown in a military coup. They all end up happily ever after though... sort of.

Is It Still Watchable? There are still some pretty funny parts. I'd say it's one of Robin Williams' best movies (though I realize that isn't exactly saying much).
Sir Anthony Cloyden Hayes: If the world is going to hell in a bucket, I want to hold the handle.
Honorable Mention: Spies Like Us


Ben said...

Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies? For fun? Well, I didn't hear anybody laughing!

Krissy said...

I wish we owned Spies Like Us. I'd like to watch it.

Team Ritz! said...

Umm...mine would have to be Short Circuit. When Steve and I went to Toronto, I strangely found it in a $3.00 bargain bin! (Who woulda thought?) So we picked it up. I'm pretty sure you know how the rest went.