Ten Things...

...I Have Learned From Pregnancy

Pregnancy is definitely different from what I could have ever expected, but I am willing to admit that I've learned a few things from it. Of course, some of them may be things I never wanted to know... but I guess you have to take what you can get!
  1. My mom was right (about pretty much everything ever, I mean).
  2. Things could be worse and they will get worse unless you're really lucky.
  3. Just because something sounds or smells good does not mean that your body will agree once you've consumed it.
  4. TUMS are a delightful addition to any meal or snack.
  5. Sleep is a luxury (as is an immune system).
  6. No matter how many times you have blood drawn or IVs put in, you never get used to being stuck with needles.
  7. Sore throats, morning sickness, and acid reflux make for a wicked combination.
  8. It's a lot easier to lose weight when you're supposed to be gaining (and vice versa).
  9. Mommies are paranoid and over-protective even when their child is a fetus.
  10. It's already worth it.


ScottBoomer said...

Unless you have to have an MRI or CT scan you already are lucky. Either that or we're unlucky. Or a combination of both.

Jennie said...

oh... i miss you! i wish i could visit with you sometime! it sounds like you are doing "well"...


anyway! hope your christmas was wonderful! happy new year too!