Leave of Absence

My oh my, it has been a while since I blogged. Nearly 3 months to be approximate. This long stretch of inactivity can be summed up thusly—I just haven't had anything interesting to say. In the past, when I've had more time on my hands, I didn't necessarily let that stop me (often leading to posts about President Monson playing air guitar in my dreams).

Anyway, what better way to dip my toe back into the blog waters than with a nice, cushy "trip up the canyon to see the fall leaves" post?

This is what we get when we ask our kids to pose casually with their arms around each other. So natural.

All the other photos with the kids posing together were even more awkward than the hugging one. So… how about a nice candid shot?

I wonder if these two are related? 

Not only did we get Violet those killer boots at the neighborhood yard sale yesterday, we scored Eddie this shirt for free. Speaking from experience, the trick is to wait until late enough in the morning when people have realized their crap isn't actually worth anything.

"Eddie, look at the camera. I am looking at the camera! Um, I'm pretty sure you aren't. I am! No you're not!" Ha! In your face, Eddie! I've got a dozen photos just like this to prove you weren't looking. (I'm all about winning arguments with four-year olds.)


Christie said...

Where did you go? We were up Big cottonwood today (along with the rest of the residents of the salt lake valley)

Dave said...

We went up American Fork canyon (along with the rest of the residents of Utah County).