"Somebody Poisoned the Water Hole!"

This year, we attempted to give Eddie a choice on his Halloween costume. This was a bad idea. He is incapable of making a decision without flip-flopping and eventually bursting into tears. So we decided to give him a few options to choose from. The finalists were Woody, Flynn Rider, and Iron Man. Eventually, Dave and I decided that he would be Woody. Throughout October, Eddie kept insisting that he would not be Woody. Once we got all the pieces of his costume, he got more excited about it, and once Halloween arrived, he probably couldn't have cared less what he was dressed as.

Once we chose Eddie's costume, we had to find a good complimentary costume for Violet. We were about to decide on having her be Hamm. Then one day at Kid to Kid, I found the perfect dress that I could alter to make a Little Bo Peep costume. I had to shorten her sleeves and take in the neckline a bit, but the costume fit great. The biggest challenge was finding a sheep for her to tend.

After all the indecision, the end result turned out pretty darn cute. Eddie loved being able to wear his Woody costume all day long and Violet tolerated her costume, though her bonnet would not stay on straight. Her favorite part was chewing on her sheep.

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