Paging Mr. Herman

After last year's epic Lord of the Rings costume group and movie trailer, Stampin' Up decided to scale back on this year's Halloween festivities. It was a much quieter day around the office, with far fewer costumes and time wasting. Still, myself and a handful of coworkers collaborated on an '80s theme. After much deliberating, I settled on being Pee-Wee Herman.

First up, we paid a visit to the DI to find a slightly snug gray suit. Next, Kristen sewed a red bowtie, and even encouraged me to die my hair black for the part. My final bit of preparation was rewatching Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. It was Eddie's first viewing, and although he was quite concerned about Pee-Wee's lost bike, he seemed to quite enjoy it—no Large Marge nightmares yet.

Here's a glimpse at my transformation:

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Hali said...

Wow! Speechless, that is all.
Alright, I will admit it, fantastic, what a great costume. Plus, you have a great new suit for church as well!