Love & Hate

In honor of Kristen's 27th birthday today, I have compiled some of her greatest loves and most passionate hates. Happy birthday, honey!

Love // Mashed Potatoes
Hate // Stuffing

Love // Christian Bale
Hate // Tobey Maguire

Love // Sewing
Hate // Washing Dishes

Love // Back to Nature's Chocolate Delight Granola
Hate // Oatmeal

Love // Death Cab For Cutie
Hate // Neil Diamond

Love // Reading, Writing
Hate // Arithmetic

Love // Dr. Pepper
Hate // Lemon Water

Love // Daniel Craig
Hate // Roger Moore

Love // Kids Sleeping
Hate // Kids Whining

Love // Cheesecake
Hate // Blue Cheese


Cheryl said...

That's great! Happy Birthday Kristen.

ScottBoomer said...

I noticed Marc and I didn't make either the Love or Hate list, I'll take that as a positive. She may not love us but she dose not hate us.
Happy Birthday Kristen. Man 27 that's old, and I know old I majored in gerontology.

Krissy said...

Scott, you can thank Zoloft for not making it onto the hate list. Or maybe Dave was just trying to limit the number of things so that people wouldn't know how many things I actually do hate. :)