Cabin Birthday

We spent my birthday up at the family cabin with some friends. One of the great things about being there is temporarily unplugging from things like the internet, TV, and cell phones and enjoying nature…

…then barricading ourselves inside to watch movies and play video games on a projector screen all weekend.

Eddie entertained himself by doing boy things like throwing rocks in the stream, squashing ants, and peeing in the bushes (a newfound perk of being potty trained).

What better way to spend a birthday than with my two favorite ladies?

We frequently laid Violet down on these down comforters, and no matter how noisy it got, she would conk right out. We may need to invest in one. Then once we have a functional A/C, we'll never lose any sleep again.


Krissy said...

I love that you can see that I'm in 12th place in Mario Kart. It was not going well. And I have already started shopping for a blanket like that for Violet, but I'm tempted to just "borrow" one from the cabin instead.

Hali said...

What no picture of Marc and Scott asleep together? How sad, oh well maybe next time. Good times!

Dave said...

I thought I would spare them what little dignity they have left by not unleashing that photo into the wild of the internet. But I'd be happy to send it to you for your own devious purposes.