Throwing Copper

We have lived only 10 minutes away from the Kennecott Copper Mine for over 4 years now, but had never made the brief journey to see the world's largest man-made hole in the ground. Until Saturday that is.

It was pretty surprising to see what was hiding behind the mountain. I took a panorama shot of the view. Click to enlarge.

Eddie's favorite part of the trip was the giant dump truck tire out in front of the visitor's center. Standing under it. Gazing up at it. Getting his photo taken by it. Getting in the way of other people taking their photo by it. He never tired of this (badum).

Conversely, my favorite moment came inside the visitor's center. There was a case filled with miniature work vehicles of every shape and size. When Eddie saw them, his arm immediately extended out like a makeshift toy detector. His little fingers were open, ready to clench as he said, "I play with those!" Then his hand abruptly hit the invisible wall of glass, stopping him agonizingly short of his prize. It's the little moments like this that make parenthood fun.

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Caitlinp said...

We were there on Sat. too! Miles was also sucked in by the large display of toys. I think they might have a hidden camera set up just to see kids reactions and the ensuing tantrums.