Cinematic Utah: Rejuvinated vs. Dilapidated

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After extensive remodeling, the Huish Reel Theatre in Richfield triumphantly reopened its doors in 2010. By contrast, the Carol Theatre in Monroe is one of the more rundown movie houses I have seen. As an added bonus, included is an update of Smithfield's Main Theatre (originally featured in my inaugural Cinematic Utah post). While visiting Cache Valley last month, we drove up to the Pepperidge Farm outlet in Richmond to procure a gargantuan sack of green goldfish. As we passed through Smithfield I noticed the Main was halfway through a new paint job. I couldn't pass up this unique opportunity to capture a work in progress.

Huish Reel Theatre #1 // Richfield // 4.29.11

Huish Reel Theatre #2 // Richfield // 4.29.11

Carol Theatre #1 // Monroe // 4.29.11

Carol Theatre #2 // Monroe // 4.29.11

Main Theatre // Smithfield // 5.21.11


Cheeseboy said...

I was going to tell you that we drove through a TON of small towns in PA and all of them had a small theater like these and not a single one had gone out of business. It was awesome to see.

Dave said...

Serving in Iowa is really where I first grew to appreciate the feel of small town main streets. It would be fun to go back and visit. If only there were also delicious cheesesteaks along the way.

Jimmy Dean said...

That wouldve been a great experience to see Insidious in the old movie theater. I've never been to an old one before! Haha.

cam-ron said...

That's sad to see the main theater so trashed. We used to go to punk shows there only a couple years ago and it was still halfway decent.