Portland in Color

As it frequently is with me, a big part of my Portland trip was the food. I ate some heavenly crab risotto, chicken wings, flaky pastry, and the pictured pastrami sandwich that I regretfully couldn't finish because there simply wasn't any room left in my stomach after two days of gluttony. My final tally for the trip was three pounds gained.

One of my last stops before heading to the airport was Portland's Japanese Garden, a five acre park filled of beautiful landscaping, mossy trees, meandering streams, stone walkways, and a great view of the city (that would be even greater if it wasn't always overcast).

After being spooked away by the President's Day crowds, the gardens were virtually empty on Wednesday morning when we returned, greatly boosting its "haven of tranquil beauty" status.

Stampin' Up has press checks in Portland on a fairly regularly basis, so it sounds like I will get more opportunities to visit the city in the future.

It would be nice to go when the weather is a little warmer, and maybe even take Kristen along so she too can experience what the show Portlandia calls the place "where young people go to retire."

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kalista said...

Beautiful photos! I love the black and white ones too.