Portland in Black & White

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Portland this week for a Stampin' Up press check. Shortly after we arrived, our sales rep took us on a quick driving tour of various areas around the city, then we hunkered down to take care of business. When the press check wrapped early the next afternoon, we were free to do our own thing.

In my experience, some destinations don't always match the preconceived image in your head (i.e. San Francisco wasn't as "Full House" as I had originally imagined). But Portland lined up with my mental projection quite closely, from the perpetually overcast skies and damp streets to the rolling hills lined with evergreens.

Among my stops were the Portland Art Museum and Powell's City of Books, an independent bookstore that covers an entire city block and houses over 1.5 million books within its four stories. But mostly I just enjoyed exploring the bustling streets with my camera in hand.

The best way I can describe the area is monochromatic yet vibrant. Most of these photos only needed a slight nudge from color to black & white.

One of Portland's nicknames is "Bridgetown," due to the multiple bridges that span the adjacent Willamette River.

Of course I had to get a photo of this beauty when I wandered upon it.

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Christie said...

Nice pics.. I've always liked Portland (the 2x I've passed through)

Cheeseboy said...

Great pics. I've always wanted to go to Portland. This makes me want to go even more so.

Cheryl said...

Very cool pictures.