O Rainy Night

We spent a rainy Thursday night making our annual pilgrimage downtown to see the Temple Square lights. Luckily the moisture we received was fairly light, and as an added bonus it created some interesting reflections.

A friendly passerby kindly offered to take a photo of the three of us. Of course it was at this moment that Eddie decided to freak out and show off his headless horseman impression.

Sure, Eddie liked the lights, but his favorite part of the excursion was the water features. He really, really wanted to touch it, get in it, you name it, but his stick in the mud parents are kind of opposed to hypothermia.

Kristen grumbled something under her breath about Eddie falling in while Daddy was busy taking pictures. "But what a memorable picture it would be!" I said, dodging an icy look.

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Christie said...

Great pictures.. I think we almost went that night.. we're going tonight though..