Home for the Holidays

With Kristen being within a month of her due date, we decided to play it safe and stay home for Christmas this year.

During the afternoon on Christmas Eve we went to the Living Planet Aquarium. When we told Eddie we were going to see some fishes, he asked if "Brucie" (the shark from Finding Nemo) would be there. We gave a noncommittal "we'll see," but were pleasantly surprised to find that there actually was a large model of Brucie hanging from the gift shop ceiling. Eddie was alternately terrified and mesmerized. He also enjoyed seahorses, the penguins, and a sea turtle he called "Dude" upon first glance.

While we missed spending time with family, it was nice for the three of us to share a quiet Christmas at home. We even pulled out the china and crystal for a delicious feast of roast beef, cheesy potatoes, garlic knots, and veggies. After dinner we had a modest Christmas Eve program before shipping Eddie off to bed so we could do the Santa Claus thing.

Kristen and I purchased a new TV and entertainment center over Thanksgiving weekend, so that was our gift to each other. But other presents from family included a panini press for me and a Nook electronic reader for Kristen.

We gave Eddie a new toy box as well a little card table and chairs for his room. We also got him a Sheriff Woody doll (which has gone to bed with him pretty much every night since). His grandparents and extended family made sure he got every other stitch of Toy Story merchandise available on store shelves this season.

I captured a good portion of Christmas morning on the video camera which I then cut together into this short video. It includes Eddie's rendition of "You've Got A Friend In Me," as well as something every parent has to deal with when the wrapping paper comes off. Enjoy!


Cheeseboy said...

"Get him out!" Classic.

Christie said...

I love that video..

Dave said...

There was another great moment I cut from the video at the last minute. While Kristen was still wrestling Buzz out of the box, Eddie asked, "Where's Big Jessie?" To which Kristen replied, "Uh, maybe next year."