Last Minute Gift Ideas

As per blog tradition the last few years, I humbly submit some last minute gift suggestions for our family.

For Dave: SmashBurger Gift Card(s)

With your help we'll be eating at SmashBurger 'til the cows come home. Which they won't. Because they'll be getting made into smashburgers.

For Kristen: A New Pair of "Potato Sacks"

When she was pregnant with Eddie, Kristen innocently bought a pair of pajama pants. The drawstring waist has a fringe-like edge that resembles a potato sack, inspiring me to give them this nickname. They are very baggy, and when she's not pregnant she could probably fit inside one leg.

Long story short, she needs an extra pair because none of her other pajama pants currently fit. So, when her potato sacks are in the wash, she is forced to wear my warmup pants instead (which she has dubbed "jazz pants" because of the shiny material they are made out of). Are we the only couple that gives each others' pants nicknames?

Alternate: The Cat Who...Cookbook

For Eddie: Pickle Things by Marc Brown

One of the few things Eddie will consistently eat are pickles (just take a look at the sandwich he had at Leger's Deli last week). Well, there just so happens to be an obscure book from my childhood called Pickle Things that effortlessly weaves rhymes like "pickle things you never see, like pickles on a Christmas Tree," and so forth. My parents' copy now resides at the family cabin, so we only get to enjoy its briney goodness a few times a year. It is long since out of print, but can be found on eBay for exorbitant prices.

Alternate: A trip to the ocean to swim with dolphins.

"You never hear a pickle talk. You never see a pickle walk."


Cheeseboy said...

I'm going to write these down.

Kirsten said...


Dave said...

They really do have everything on YouTube these days—like this lady reading the entirety of Pickle Things.

Alicia said...

I don't know of any other couples who name their pants...

Krissy said...

If I am ever morbidly obese, I will wear nothing but potato sacks. Unless I get to the point where I can't bend over to pull up the potato sacks. Then I'll switch to muumuus.

I have never owned such comfortable (and fashionable) pants. And when I bought them, I had no idea the joy they would bring into our lives... especially once I choreographed the "potato sack dance." If anyone buys me a new pair, I will demonstrate said dance for you. Otherwise, it is for Dave's eyes only.

Amanda said...

I am laughing to hard that I am crying. I can't say that we name each others pants but I have worn Justin's pajama bottoms a few times.