We Heart Tacos?

Kristen and I have both been hankering some good Mexican food lately. Since we were heading to the family cabin for the holiday weekend and thought that Logan favorite Café Sabor had a Park City location, we planned to be passing through at dinner time. But when we arrived at the supposed address, there was no Café Sabor to be found. Apparently the Park City location didn't take.

We will eat at pretty much any hole-in-the-wall sandwich, burger, or pizza joint we come across, but have never really managed to establish a decent repertoire of Mexican places. I guess it's harder to take a risk on any old taco stand since making a mistake can be, for lack of a better term, explosive.

So now we turn to you for recommendations. Only one condition—please no Bajio/Café Rio-type establishments. Kristen used to crave Bajio, making me eat there at least once a week. I think I have tried everything on the menu... twice. Eventually it all just tasted the same. I never want to look at another Bajio burrito clásico or ensalada as long as I live.


Christie said...

That van looks a little like the one Russ and I like in Maui.. ha. I think you got all our recommendations at the cabin:

Lone Star Taqueria, Red/Blue Iguana, and really, you should try Barbacoa (I don't think it qualifies as the same as Bajio). I have also tried the taco stand downtown by Sears.. not bad... oh and you really should get down to San Diego and try Lucha Libre :-)

Kirsten said...

Next time you are in Logan, stop by the taco stand on the south end of town (your parents should know the address since they sell to them). I've never personally been just because I haven't taken the time to go but everyone who has been there raves about it.

Caitlinp said...

Diego's in Provo (if it's still there). It's delicious and terribly authentic. Just don't order tripe!

Hali said...

El Matador in Bountiful or Ogden. Every year my family just knows that that is where I will be going for my birthday, I love that place. There salsa and chips are wonderful and every time I get the chicken burrito, enchilada style, and every time it delivers. YUMMY!

Dave said...

My mom, who has never figured out how to comment on blog posts, sent me the following in an email:

"Kirsten is right about the taco stand in Logan. He has his taco wagon in the Zollinger's parking lot and makes wonderful tacos. He only has beef - they are $1 apiece - and they are small, the tortillas are maybe 3" across - so you need more than one, depending on how hungry you are. Your dad knows the story about Cafe Sabor trying to open a place in Park City. As I recall they spent mega bucks trying to get the place open but Park City was so regimented and picky about the particulars of the building they finally gave up and walked away from the millions they had dumped into the place. Pretty sad."

Jessica said...

if you are in the american fork area, try mi ranchito, its been a family favorite for years.