First Trimester

My first trimester is now officially over, so I think another pregnancy post is due. Overall, the pregnancy has been going pretty well. I haven't been too sick or tired even though I am busier than ever before. I started showing really early, so I feel like I am a monster, but I guess that is normal the second time around. The best part of the last couple of weeks has been feeling Morsel moving around. With Eddie, I didn't feel movement until at least 16 weeks. But the first time I distinctly felt Morsel was at 12 weeks.

Today I had an appointment with my doctor. Generally they do ultrasounds up to 14 weeks, but since they were running way behind, I just got to hear Morsel's heartbeat on the doppler. Everything sounds good. I was hoping to see the baby and maybe catch a glimpse of the gender, but I will have to wait 3 more weeks for that. On August 12, we get to do a gender check ultrasound and then there will be no stopping me from buying baby clothes.


Hali said...

YEAH! I love to hear that all is well with you and morsel. I showed so much faster with my 2nd as well, but you are looking great! Hope to get together sometime soon, maybe once July is over we can find some time, who knows?

Kristina Carter said...

kudos! so excited for you