Second Dam

In honor of several Barton birthdays throughout the summer, we enjoyed a pleasant summer gathering at Second Dam up Logan Canyon this past Saturday. We had all the family picnic staples like dutch oven chicken, potato salad, fresh fruit, etc.

Predictably, Eddie spent most of his time by the water, feeding ducklings, throwing rocks, and manufacturing as much mud as possible.

I photographed this bridge numerous times for various art projects when I was going to school. How about once more for old time's sake?

My sisters brought some jumbo marshmallows for s'mores. If you have never seen these before, they are about three times the size of a normal roasting marshmallow. I decided to exercise some restraint and tear one in half, but it was still more 'mallow than one s'more could handle. Pucker up...

Since we have been away from Logan for several years now, it's easy to forget how lovely the canyon is. It's nice to have regular reminders like this.

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Cheryl said...

It was a lovely day in the canyon.