The United Countries of Baseball

I don't think it's a coincidence that my two favorite seasons, spring and fall, coincide with the start and finish of baseball. The greening grass and blossoming trees represent the inherent hope of another opening day. The falling leaves and chilly air perfectly accent the drama of the playoffs.

There aren't many people around here that share my love of the game. But I think growing up near a team plays a critical role. Nike's "United Countries of Baseball" map from a few years back illustrates this beautifully.

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Fan Loyalty Circa 2007: These borders are real for seven months a year. From Opening Day to the World Series, the majority of people of each country pledge their allegiance to the team shown. Regardless of placement in the standings, questionable trades, draft picks, pitching rotations, uniform redesigns, or mascot behavior, and these lines stay true until the citizens of each country vote to redraw the borders for next season.
It is depressing as a baseball fan to be stuck out in the middle of the "Unincorporated Territories." Yes, there is that scrawny arm of Rockies Country reaching over to the Great Salt Lake in a gesture of pity, but Coors Field is still an 8 hour drive away. And the Salt Lake Bees just don't cut it.


ScottBoomer said...

I share your love for the game. Not being near a team gave me the chance to choose a good team. Could you imagine if you lived in Kansas?
I think this map gives the Washington Nationals more credit then they deserve.
We should go to a Bees game sometime.

Dave said...

Even if it's not the same as MLB, I'm all for going to a Bees game sometime. We could relive our glory days as ushers for the Buzz. We wouldn't be getting paid, so it would be basically the same.

ScottBoomer said...

Why isn't this post getting more comments?

Dave said...

Clearly I was onto something when I said that not many people around here share our love of the game. At least the two of us are doing our part to pad the comment count.