Easter 2010

We had a busy Easter weekend. First up was a trip to Huntington to visit Kristen's grandma on Saturday.

The sun came out for just long enough to have the requisite egg hunt.

FYI, that's not an Easter basket. It's a European carryall.

Eddie enjoyed quality time with his two favorite Andrews cousins, Dax and Riley (he hasn't met Logann yet). He also gladly accepted Dax's invitation to be bestest buddies.

The Easter Bunny made his first visit to our house on Sunday morning after being too lazy to show up last year. We had to pause Curious George so Eddie would actually give the goodies in his basket the proper attention.

Sunday evening we went to my sister's house. This photo nicely sums up the attempt to get all of the Barton cousins to gather for a photo. That's Eddie in the top left of the frame, trying to get inside so he could be first in line for the chocolate crinkle cookies.


Cheryl said...

That's great. He knew if he didn't get in line for the chocolate crinkles that Jacob would eat them all.

Anonymous said...

hilarious the twins had a similar experience.