Bad Little Monkey

Eddie loves Curious George, so Kristen and I determined this would be a perfect theme for his upcoming birthday party. His George fandom has come primarily through the PBS series, so I initially designed a pretty standard invitation based on George from the show:

PBS George

Now, I also loved Curious George as a kid, but it was from reading the original books by Margret and H.A. Rey. These stories are generally too long for Eddie's current attention span, but it is fun for me to read them now as an adult. They came out in a much less politically correct era, so some of the trouble that George gets into is a little more, um, inappropriate than his modern antics. I scanned some of the classic illustrations in question to use for these more humorous designs:

"Knock Yourself Out"

"Go Overboard"

"Smokin' Good Time"

We couldn't decide on a favorite, so we ended up sending out different versions to various friends and family. Collect all four!


Hali said...

I can't wait to see which one we get, I hope it's the ether one I think Marc would laugh the hardest at that one.

Jessica said...

so cute!! I hope you will have a curious george cake!!!