Ten Things...

...That Are Launching Around the Web Today

It's almost as if today were some sort of temporal junction point for the entire space-time continuum. Check out some of the revolutionary products and services being unveiled around the web this morning. Click on the corresponding images to learn more.

10. Starbucks' Plenta Size (128 fl oz) Coffee

9. MOO’s Back to Front Business Cards

8. Coldplay's Very Own Brand of Cologne, Angst.

7. Ben & Jerry's Virtual Ice Cream

6. ThinkGeek's iPad Arcade Cabinet

5. Twitter's Backdating "Pay As You Tweet" Subscription Plan

4. Verdana/Georgia Love-Child Font

3. Kodak's Aromatography

2. Google Translate For Animals

1. ThinkGeek's My First Bacon Plush Doll

1 comment:

Cheeseboy said...

You know who would like a bacon plush toy? Me!