Giving Up the Ghost

April 2008-January 2010

Tad Ghostal died suddenly of unknown causes this past weekend. His parents, Dave and Kristen Barton, have admitted to cleaning his tank for the first time in several months just prior to his unexpected death.

Renown fish expert Dr. F. Nemo is speculating that this cleaning may have upset Tad's ecosystem—a carefully controlled mixture of tap water and scum-covered pebbles. Being plopped into a clean tank could have given the little fish's body such a jolt that he simply gave up the ghost.

Tad was not a particularly active fish, and his translucent body often inspired onlookers to ask, "Is there even a fish in there?" But comparatively speaking, he lived a long life, approaching an almost unheard of two years.

Tad is survived by his parents, Dave and Kristen, and his brother Eddie.


Krissy said...

RIP, Tad. You won't really be missed.

Christie said...

Just be glad he didn't stick around as long as Joe.