The Drive-Thru Diet

Over the past year and a half I have lost about 20 pounds through tired old methods like eating better and exercising. After maintaining my weight (for the most part) through the holiday gauntlet of goodies, I currently reside right around 212 pounds. As weight loss is a common New Year's resolution, I have now set my sights on getting down to an even 200.

As I was pondering how to achieve this goal, a commercial from Taco Bell's new Drive-Thru Diet campaign shined upon me like a beacon of light. Apparently Taco Bell now features the female equivalent of Subway's Jared. Her name is Christine Dougherty, and this is her story:

As you know, the Drive-Thru Diet® menu is not a weight-loss program. It's about making different choices. For me, I didn't want to cut out my fast food so I started choosing Fresco items from the Drive-Thru Diet® menu and making other sensible choices. I reduced my daily calorie and fat intake by 500 calories to 1250 calories a day, and, after two years, I ended up losing 54 pounds! These results aren't typical, but for me they were fantastic!
Wow, Christine, you talk just like a real person would. Sign me up! After all, I would be dumb not to leave my diet plans in the hands of the restaurant that created "Fourthmeal" (that's the meal between dinner and breakfast) and offers tantalizing menu items like the Beefy 5-Layer Burrito.


Ben said...

She faces the same problem we all face: we want to lose weight but we don't want to sacrifice our fast-food to do it! I also would like to lose a little weight...better stop working out, get in my car, and sit and wait for someone to serve me a CrunchWrap Supreme!

I wonder what she means by "making other sensible choices"? Probably nothing...

Caitlinp said...

I think it's the "cool reduced-fat sour cream" in the $.89 burrito that makes the 50 pound difference.

Ike said...

She was only eating 1200 calories a day? Wouldn't you eat at least this on the average trip to the Bell?