Special Guest Blogger: Hannah Montana

The Dave & Kristen Show is proud to present our very first guest blogger. She's young, she's talented, she's popular with the kiddies, she's none other than Miss Hannah Montana! Pay close attention all you wanna be "rock" stars out there as she will be providing you with some important pointers. Take it away, Hannah!

Wow, thanks for the great tips! And move over, Led Zeppelin!

Hannah Montana presents Look Like a Rock Star: Fashion Tips from Hannah Montana was brought to you by Disney Fruit Boost Blend.


Jessica said...

You guys crack me up. Its nice to know all we need to be a star is dark jeans and a glittery jacket!! clearly she doesn't realize this has been done WAY before her :)

thanks for sharing.

Dave said...

Is that stamped "best before" date for the fruit or Hannah Montana herself? Zing!

(Yes, I was saving that one.)

ScottBoomer said...

I followed all the directions. I don't feel like a rock star, but I do feel kinda gay.