Roughin' It

Friday morning while Kristen was at work I took Eddie over to one of the new beach areas at Oquirrh Lake. He wasn't too crazy about the water, but loved playing in the sand.

When Kristen got home we packed up our stuff and once again headed to the family cabin. My sister Christie and her family joined us. While we had a good time, things didn't exactly go as planned—starting with our sleeping accommodations. You see, we received a new tent for Christmas a few years ago, but we have never used it. Kristen and I aren't the most outdoorsy folk, but we have both felt the urge to go camping lately. We figured the cabin would be the ideal place for Eddie's (and the tent's) inaugural camping trip because we could always retreat inside if things weren't going well.

But we didn't even get that far. Not long after we got the tent all set up a giant thunderstorm hit. I quickly pulled the tent under the deck so it wouldn't get too muddy, so our camping was cut short before it even really started. At least now we know how to set the tent up when the camping bug hits us again 3 years from now. Then, even after sleeping in a warm, dry bed, Eddie woke up Saturday morning with a fever and runny nose.

We headed over to the reservoir for a picnic lunch, and so Russ, Josh, and Neil could go fishing. Josh made the only catch of the day. I'm not even going to make fun of how small it was since that is one more fish than I have ever caught in my lifetime.

I won't go into too much detail as to why Neil is fishing without any pants on, except that he now has a new catchphrase: "I peed on that rock!"

My 4th of July post caught a little bit of flack over Kristen and I not appearing in any of the photos. We aim to please, so here are some shots of each of us at our picnic spot with Eddie.

We had also planned to go to a Salt Lake Bee's game on Saturday night, but since Eddie was sick we spent the evening at home instead. Then I woke up sick on Sunday morning. One thing that did go according to plan were the gourmet s'mores we had after dinner on Friday night. Additional details are forthcoming.


Cheryl said...

Sorry Eddie got sick at the cabin. Great photos, I especially like the one of Neil fishing with no pants.

Christie said...

Ha. You got some great pics. I may have to borrow them, as they are better than mine :-). Can't wait for the s'mores post.

Hope you guys are feeling better. We haven't caught it so far..

Hali said...

Glad to see that you made an appearance at the cabin over the creepy doll. I look forward to many more with you in it.