The Airing of Grievances Strikes Back

Many of you have aired your grievances to the world since my original invitation. Here is list of everyone that I could remember:

Rob 7.10.08
Krissy 7.16.08
Melissa 7.31.08
Caitlin 8.01.08
Becky 8.26.08
Eddie 9.17.08

For those of you who have yet to take this opportunity, the invitation is open-ended (but specifically, I would love to hear from Marc & Hali, Scott, Ben, and Jesse). Meanwhile, I have developed some new grievances of my own in the last six months.

"Brought to you in true high definition"

Look, I have no bone to pick with high definition itself. In fact, I am looking forward to the day when high definition is considered standard definition. Hopefully that way, viewers will no longer be inundated with all manner of graphics and announcements after every commercial break informing us that the local evening news (and the perfectly chiseled hair of Roland Steadham) is, in fact, being made available in the stunning, life altering clarity of HD.

People who come into the Salt City office and tell us how good it smells

Every vendor or salesman that stops in always prefaces their pitch with the same inane small talk. Really? You mean a scented candle business smells nice? Yes, that intoxicating scent of every candle we make, from Homemade Root Beer to Sweet Amber Musk, all blending together into one über fragrance is just lovely. I remember being almost knocked out by the overpowering aroma my first few weeks on the job, but over the last two years, my sense of smell has gradually been beat into submission.

DVD double dipping

Remember in the early days of DVD when all big new releases would receive 2 disc special edition treatment? Eventually they started releasing a single disc version with zero extras for the same price they used to sell the special edition, and the special edition would be several dollars more. But it didn't stop there. Now when you get home with your special edition that you had to pay extra for, you realize the bonus features are mostly fluff. THEN 6 months to a year later, a super ultimate collector's edition comes out with all the good stuff you used to get for free. I'm already fairly certain I'm going to have to buy The Dark Knight again.


Christie said...

Roland Stedham.. hahaha

Krissy said...

I hate how they have to say "in true high definition." As opposed to "fake high definition?" What a waste of breath!

robmba said...

What about the big selling point of DVDs in the early days that you'd be able to choose which rating you want to watch? If you want the original Braveheart, great. If you want the PG-13 version, you just choose PG-13 from the menu and it strips out the worst parts for you. Except that it doesn't, because no one has actually made their DVDs so you can do that.