U2 Discography: Stories For Boys

Well it sure seems like most of my favorite movie franchises and musicians have had new releases in the past year or so, conveniently parallel with the origins of this blog. Next in line is U2, with a new album "on the horizon" (March 2nd to be exact). Their brand spankin' new single "Get On Your Boots" is officially streaming right here, right now.

As part of my unique brand of blog hype, I have decided to write up my thoughts on every U2 studio album, organized by era. You should have seen the blank stare that Kristen gave me when I informed her of these plans. It's probably the same stare you are reading this little introduction with right now. Yes, I realize not everyone loves U2 as much as I do, but this band has provided the soundtrack to a large portion of my life, so I hope you will induldge me. Also, please indulge that cheesy "soundtrack of my life" metaphor. I have used stars and grades in past reviews, but what the heck, this time I am going to score out of 10.

Boy (1980)
A modest debut for the eventual biggest band in the world. What they lacked in talent, they made up for with raw, youthful energy. They really had no right being any good at this point, but what they didn't know didn't hurt them... yet. I was only 4 months old when Boy was released, so I didn't really get into it until a few years ago.
Highlights: I Will Follow, Out of Control, Stories For Boys, The Electric Co.
My Rating: 6/10

October (1981)
Ah, the infamous sophomore slump. The only truly mediocre U2 album in my opinion, this is where their naivety caught up with their ambitions. I'm not sure if I have ever managed to listen to the whole thing in one sitting. And look at that cover photo—yikes. I really only have a copy of October to appease the completist in me.
Highlights: Gloria, October, Is That All? (pun intended)
My Rating: 3/10

War (1983)
As the unforgiving snares of Sunday Bloody Sunday begin to pound, it is immediately apparent that U2 came from October with renewed focus, penning their first super hits in the process (Note: The band will repeat this pattern a few more times throughout their career). While I enjoy War, it isn't the first U2 album I reach for.
Highlights: Sunday Blood Sunday, New Year's Day, Two Hearts Beat As One, 40
My Rating: 7/10
Next Time: In God's Country

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