Ten Things...

...I Have Learned From Chick Flicks

Dave loathes chick flicks. I, on the other hand, only loathe some of them (including some on the list below). There are several that I like quite a bit. Dave tried to convince me that they are always contrived and based upon lies or ridiculous coincidences. I tried to explain to him that it's not necessarily the quality of the movie that matters. I think that (for me, at least), certain chick flicks are "comfort movies." So I watch While You Were Sleeping and Pride and Prejudice at least once a month for the same reason that I listened to Counting Crows and nothing else for a year straight or the same reason why I always have to have a vat of ice cream in the freezer. That way, when something isn't quite right in my life, I can get a heaping bowl of Chocolate Gorge ice cream, pop in You've Got Mail, and remember that there's always a happy ending... even if it's not the ending you thought it would be at the beginning. Lame, I know... but sometimes lame is not necessarily bad. So, here are ten things I have learned from chick flicks. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

10. Nothing says "I love you" like a boombox blasting Peter Gabriel. (Say Anything)

9. If your true love dies in a horrible accident, be sure to donate their organs to an equally hot single person. (Return to Me)

8. If you're the homely, unpopular girl in school, just let your hair down and take your glasses off and you'll be hot (but not before Freddie Prinze Jr. discovers your inner beauty). (She's All That)

7. You're fiancé at the beginning of the movie? Total jerk. That stranger you bumped into through a series of coincidences? Hello, soul mate. (Titanic)

6. If you think you're in love with someone you've never spoken to, his ruggedly handsome brother is probably the man for you. (While You Were Sleeping)

5. Nearly being killed by a dumpster would seem like a bad thing -- unless Matthew McConaughey is involved. (The Wedding Planner)

4. Just because you were born in different centuries doesn't mean you aren't meant for each other. (Kate & Leopold)

3. If you need a pretend boyfriend as a cover while you try to steal the groom-to-be, choose your flamboyantly gay friend -- if nothing else, it might lead to a zany impromptu sing-a-long. (My Best Friend's Wedding)

2. Even if you only have two minutes to spare, there is always time to play in a giant puddle with George Clooney. (One Fine Day)

1. If you have a secret online crush and a real life enemy, chances are they are the same person. (You've Got Mail)


Cheryl said...

That is hillarious.

Ben said...

I regret to say that I have seen every one of these movies...

ScottBoomer said...

I've only seen half of those movies and only one of them in theaters ("One Fine Day" thanks to my girl friend in high school) so I guess I can still call myself a man.

Ben said...

Hey now, don't be trying to revoke my man membership! I'm a man! I'm 29! ;)

robmba said...

I've only seen three of these (Titanic, While you were sleeping, You've got mail), but many of the points apply to other chick flicks that I have seen.

I'm pretty sure it's not possible to learn anything from "Definitely, Maybe", the last one I watched - definitely stay away from it.

Best chick flick of all time has to be "Princess Bride".

Dave said...

Here are a few of my suggestions that didn't make Kristen's cut for some reason:

There is nothing sexier than a blue, frozen Leonardo DiCaprio sinking to the bottom of the ocean—for both sexes I might add. (Titanic)

If your whole relationship is built on some sort of bet or elaborate deception, you should wait until the last possible minute to come clean. Everything can't all work out for at least 90 minutes. (Pretty much all of 'em)