Tagged Again

Melissa tagged me ages ago and I'm finally getting around to responding! What you must understand about our blog is that we usually have several posts just waiting for the right moment to be posted and lately we've had lots of other things tying up our blog space (like Batman). So, without further ado...

Four Places I Go Over and Over Again
1. Target: For diapers, diapers, and more diapers!
2. Madsen Health Center: To see the midwife.
3. Steve & Melissa's Blog: Anxiously awaiting new posts. I am usually disappointed. (Zing!)
4. Crazyville: Ed drives me there.

Four Favorite Places to Eat
1. Kneader's: Mmm... sandwiches...
2. Winger's: Mmm... amazin' sauce...
3. Training Table: Mmm... ultimate dipping sauce (mayo + bbq sauce = crazy delicious)...
4. Anywhere Other Than Our Kitchen: Mmm... non-homemade non-healthy food...

Four Places I'd Rather Be
1. New York City: Without the expense.
2. England: Without that long plane ride.
3. In the Pool: Without gross diseases.
4. In Bed: Without being awake

Four TV Shows I Watch All the Time
1. Mythbusters: So sciencey!
2. The Price is Right: So pricey!
3. Designed to Sell: So design-y!
4. LOST: So twisty!


Team Ritz! said...

Kristen, you crack me up! Well, except for that comment about being disappointed at our blog. I mean, talk about damaging my self esteem...

ScottBoomer said...

You and my little girl both have something in common, you love "The Price is Right."