My New Venture

I know all our loyal readers have been anxious to find out what we have been up to that has been keeping us from posting for the last two months. I am happy to break the silence with a mash-up of our lives since January.

In February, we got hair cuts. We went to the zoo. We celebrated Valentine's Day. We worked out. Nothing terribly exciting there.

March has proved a bit more eventful for the Barton household. On March 8, I took Eddie to visit Kitty City at the Utah Humane Society. He doesn't care for dogs, so I had my reservations about taking him. He insisted that he likes cats and he stuck to that. We had a fun hour getting to know the cats before my stomach started to ache.

I convinced Eddie that we should go since we were supposed to go grocery shopping on our way home. By the time we got on I-15, I decided we were not going to stop because I was not feeling well at all. Twenty minutes later, we were home and I immediately went to lie in bed. It wasn't long before I yelled for Dave to consult about my condition. My entire lower abdomen throbbed with a sharp pain that nothing seemed to help. Dave called the doctor, gave me a blessing, arranged a last minute babysitter, and took me to the E.R. Of course, after hobbling into the hospital doubled over in pain and writhing around while getting checked in, the pain stopped as soon as they took me back. After various tests over the next two hours, the doctor said he was fairly certain that I had a kidney stone. It was small enough not to show up on the ultrasound, but all other signs pointed toward it. I think it must've passed while I was at the hospital because I haven't had any problems since then.

After that excitement, we eventually got our lives back in order and I got to work on my newest venture: an Etsy shop. I made a wreath for our front door and enjoyed it so much that I decided to try making and selling them. I spent some time building up my inventory and converting our storage closet into a craft space. And then today, I opened my shop. So far I have listed mostly wreaths, but I am also working on an idea that I call "Stitched Lit." This combines two of my favorite things: literature and sewing! I have high hopes that there are other people out there who love the same things I do. My shop, Hot Commodity Home Decor, is linked on the side bar of this blog, so check it out! And if you decide to buy something, use coupon code "blogfollower" to get 5% off your purchase.

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