Violet's Birthday Bash

Violet's little birthday party was a success. A few people had to miss it due to the stomach flu, but we're very grateful they kept their germs away.

First we sang and let Violet blow out the candles. Well, we tried to let Violet blow out the candles, but there were at least four other children trying to help. I had to keep relighting them just to get us through the song.

The cake was tasty, but the kids couldn't be bothered with it for long. All of the children abandoned their food after about 5 minutes... all except for Violet. She liked it enough to sit quietly and eat it until we made her stop so we could do presents.

Violet got a lot of nice gifts. My parents sent her a helmet, some Minnie Mouse toys, and this dress, which she was excited about.

She also got a Dora DVD, a book, and more Minnie Mouse toys (you can never have too many of those, right?). Her gifts from Dave and I were clothes, a mixer to go with her play kitchen, and a scooter. The scooter was a big hit. While the other kids played upstairs, Violet stayed down with the adults and tried out her new scooter. This morning, I brought Eddie's scooter in (which he got for Christmas), so they could ride together.

All in all, it was a very nice birthday for Violet and we are grateful for everyone who helped us celebrate.

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