Easter 2013

We took an overdue trip to Logan to celebrate Easter with my family. On Friday night Kristen and I crashed our sister-in-law Kirsten's birthday dinner at Savannah's BBQ. Let's just say things got a little messy trying to figure out their unconventional BBQ sauce bottles.

On Saturday morning the little monkeys got to exploring the big trees in Grandma's yard. For lunch we drove up to the New York Deli in Preston, then stopped at the Pepperidge Farm outlet on the way back. We were surprised to run into our pals the Carters.

  After lunch we went to USU campus to take some photos of the kiddos. Let's just say they were less than cooperative. This shot was the closest thing to the both of them sitting and smiling together. Meanwhile I ended up with plenty of outtakes.

  I think we can slap this on some Utah State promotional materials.

 Everybody loves the arm sculpture outside the TSC.

All the cousins at Grandma's house after Easter dinner on Saturday night.

Back at home on Sunday, Violet was just as cooperative with photo-ops.

Eddie was happy to pose with a prize from Easter egg hunting while Violet was composing herself.

Once Violet got a chocolate egg in her tummy, and was freed from the constraints of sitting still, she proved much more photogenic.

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